Studio Art & Drawing [Grades 5-8]

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Studio Art & Drawing for

Middle Schoolers 

Grades 5-8


Studio Art & Drawing for middle schoolers and up will cover a variety of art techniques and art mediums.  Lessons and the complexity of projects will be more advanced, offering older students the opportunity to really dig in and express their creative side. Each week will be fun and different, offering students a wide range of learning experiences and opportunities to experiment with many different art & drawing tools and mediums from graphite and colored pencils to pastels, markers, paint and clay.  

Henry & Mei’s art curriculum is aligned with both the National and  the Washington State Art Learning Standards, the Elements of Art [color, value, texture, form, line, space, shape, perspective, pattern, movement, scale, balance, unity, emphasis]. Every lesson will include visuals, art history, art appreciation, vocabulary, art skills and techniques  with   LOTS  of room for creativity – for a richly integrated lesson.

Each 75 minute class begins with a short period of free drawing and moves into drawing warm-up exercises, followed by a focused lesson on a specific subject or technique. 

Classes meet once per week for 75 minutes. 




Grades 3-8

The Monday 5:15-6:30 p.m. class will focus entirely on DRAWING TECHNIQUES & DEVELOPMENT.

Students will learn basic techniques such as shading, highlighting, controlling tones, composition, perspective, pattern, texture, drawing the figure, animals and still life. For grades 3-8.



Henry & Mei also does ART BIRTHDAY PARTIES, 

private art workshops and adult painting parties.

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