Hooray for Henry & Mei!

Client Testimonials

Thanks for a wonderful party! My group had a blast! You were amazing!!!  ~Corine Bergstrom, Sammamish



Pictures turned out GORGEOUS!!  Can’t wait to send ours home for Mother’s Day!!  ~ Marie Blakley, 2nd Grade Teacher, Sunset Elementary



We are absolutely thankful to you .. you and your class have been instrumental in making our T who she is today .. that’s kinda special  ~ Jessie Parker, Sammamish



I just wanted to share artwork that Your student did at school and she received expert level grade in them. I am so proud of her and so full of gratitude for your support and all that you do ?. We cannot thank you enough for opportunity you have presented to T to express herself through art and help her find her passion! ~ Radha Aggarwal, Sammamish



We have been taking art classes from Betsy since the opening of her studio and she couldn’t be happier with her classes.These classes are not your typical art class of ‘give a student a brush and some paint and have fun’.  These classes are structured to teach tools and mechanics, different mediums, and some art history.  Betsy is that rare individual that is extremely talented and creative, but also very thoughtful for the details and she can execute seamlessly.   On top of all of that, she is absolutely the most patient, kind and loving person with the children.  She can lead them, teach them and truly understands how to foster their creativity. If your child has expressed interest in taking an art class, this is a class that should not be missed.  ~ Erinn Chapman, Sammamish



Thank you for your patience and kindness to both of my children.  They love your camps and classes.  You are a splendid teacher, and your classes have been the best part of living in Sammamish! ~Annette MacDougal, Sammamish


Love the work you do with our kids and all the work in our community, Betsy. You are truly an asset to the plateau, both as a small business owner and volunteer! I know you’ve made an impact on my daughter in many ways.  ~ Michele Miller, Sammamish



Just wanted to say thank you for being such a positive and supportive part of Sean’s life! Art class is the highlight of his week. I am so grateful for you!  ~ Michele Brady, Sammamish



Betsy is amazing! She is so creative and encouraging with the kids. My little one adores her class- so much so that we had his birthday party in her studio too! ~Emily Ma, Sammamish



My son and daughter enjoyed their art lessons with Betsy SO much! We were recently visiting Disneyland, where they readily applied their drawing “experience” at the Animation Academy a couple of weeks ago.  We were walked through how to draw the Cheshire Cat and they were spouting off little one liners they learned in their drawing classes. Of course, now I can’t recall any verbatim, but one was something about using light strokes.  And we used the horizontal and vertical grid method and the kids both said, “we know what THAT’S  for”.  It was cute to watch!  – Jennifer Rankin, Sammamish



The lesson was sooo much fun today! Thanks for cleaning up my room too. You are the best!  ~ Elisabeth Carroll, Kindergarten Teacher, Cascade Ridge Elementary



Thank you for a fun-filled birthday party for Ashley & her friends!  You are such a great instructor and all the guests enjoyed their time and cool paintings!  ~ Janelle Barrett, Issaquah



Henry and Mei was so much fun for my boys! Betsy is so dedicated to making the children understand the concepts she is teaching as well as making it fun. They learned so much about not only the techniques she was teaching them but also about the history of famous art and artists. They would come home from art class and want to continue creating works of art with the tools she gave them. Betsy definitely opened up their “creative channel”.  ~ Stacey Whitehead, Sammamish



Betsy’s art classes were perfect for our daughter who loves to draw and just needed some formal tools and techniques to take her artwork to the next level.  Betsy treated our 6-year old as if she was an adult, and had faith in her ability to grasp some pretty advanced concepts.  Our daughter was coming home with sketches that were just blowing our minds away.  ~ Rajeev Goel, Sammamish



Brynn LOVES art and we are grateful for this opportunity! You are an AWESOME teacher!  :) Thanks!  ~ Laura Fortner, Sammamish



My daughter, age 6, has loved the drawing classes! It has encouraged her creativity and now at home she draws all of the time. I love that Betsy incorporates art principles but also lets the students be creative in their own ways. These classes have boosted my daughter’s confidence and given her a new passion that she really enjoys.  ~ Melanie Kennedy, Sammamish


Classes at Henry & Mei are no ordinary art classes. The students are taught fundamentals and then build their skills and discover their interests from there. Betsy does an incredible job of making each class full of instruction and fun at the same time. She knows how to tap into age applicable themes where they learn through things that are exciting and relevant to them. Betsy treats her students as artists from the first moment they step foot in her studio. My son literally asks when art class is each week….he doesn’t even do that for his sports teams he is on – that he loves!  The works of art he brings home are incredible, but more important, he is so proud of his effort!  ~ Amy Simpson, Sammamish



My daughter came home with such a wonderful experience that she asked if she could go back to Miss Betsy again the next day.  We were amazed at the beautiful painting she made during the class and we put it up in  her room that night.  It works with her room perfectly and she is so proud of herself!  Cathy Tong-Lee, Sammamish



Wow! You truly amaze us!! We are so thankful to have you in our lives as a Girl Scout Leader, Art Docent, Art Teacher & friend.  We admire your flexibility, creativity & the way you approach life in general.  McKenna has thrived in your art classes, which have turned into the highlight of her year. You’ve inspired her in so many ways and given her the tools & skills needed to hone her talent!  ~ Steve & PJ Maffett, Sammamish


Thank you SO much for such a memorable party!  It was PERFECT in every way! I just got the book in the mail today!  Oh my goodness!  Its so cute!  She will cherish it forever.  In fact, just today, out of the blue she said, “I loved my party”.  :)  Made me so happy! Thank you! It was so awesome!  ~Cheryl Overbey & daughter,  Mae (age 4), Queen Anne


I wanted to say thank you again for helping pull off an incredible party for Madelyn.  She and all the girls had an incredible time.  It turned out perfect. I have received emails from moms saying how much fun their kids had at the party and how great their paintings were. It was great working with you!  Thanks again,  ~ Neelie Floyd, Sammamish


Sara said this was her best B’day Party ever. BIG thanks again!!!

~ Kirsi Varsa, Sammamish


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