Q. Can my child begin lessons any time?

A. Yes, as long as there are openings. If a session has already started, tuition will be prorated. Sessions usually run 8-9 weeks and classes meet once per week for 75 minutes. Henry & Mei follows the Issaquah School District calendar.

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Q. What if my child hasn’t been enrolled in previous sessions? Will he/she be behind on concepts?

A. No – I review vocabulary, techniques, tools and skills all the time as we go along. We revisit topics often, so after several sessions, your artist will have been presented with a whole variety of lessons, topics, tools and art history.


Q. Do you have separate classes for different age ranges?

A. At this time the majority of my classes are for mixed ages. The students in my classes range in age from 5-11 as a rule. I am a small art school and I would rather be able to offer flexibility in days, rather than limit my classes to specific age ranges.  I have also found that parents appreciate the opportunity to enroll siblings in the same class time and day. The classes are small enough that I am able to give individualized attention to each student and differentiate goals and objectives that match students’ developemntal level.  I do offer art classes JUST for preschoolers and middle schoolers, if you are looking for a class for slightly younger or slightly older students.

Q. How many projects will my child complete in one 8-9 week session?

A. You child can expect to bring home 5-7 finished pieces of art per session in addition to a drawing folder, containing all of their drawings from the session.

Q. Do you offer trial classes?

 A. I’m very sorry, but I do not offer trial classes at this time. My classes always fill up right away, so I am not able to reserve space for those wishing to try a class. You are always more than welcome to arrange a visit to the studio during a class to get a feel for the environment and my teaching style.

Q. Do you offer a sibling discount?

A. At this time, I do not offer any sibling discounts.

Q.Where did the name Henry and Mei come from?

 A. My art studio is named after my two children, Parker Henry & Ella Mei, who inspire me every day.