Studio Art & Drawing [Grades K-5]

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Studio Art & Drawing 

Grades K-5

Studio Art & Drawing will cover a variety of art techniques and mediums.  Each week will be fun and different, offering students a wide range of learning experiences and opportunities to experiment with many different art & drawing tools and mediums from graphite and colored pencils to pastels, markers, paint and clay.

Henry & Mei’s art curriculum is aligned with both the National and the Washington State Art Learning Standards, the Elements of Art [color, value, texture, form, line, space, shape, perspective, pattern, movement, scale, balance, unity, emphasis]. Every lesson will include visuals, art history references, art appreciation, vocabulary, art skills and techniques  with  LOTS  of room for creativity – for a richly integrated lesson.

Each 75 minute class begins with a short period of free drawing and moves into drawing warm-up exercises, followed by a focused lesson on a specific subject or technique.