About Me

Elizabeth “Betsy” Matias:

I am a “refrigerator curator” like most parents when it
comes to my children and their precious art. I am a trained artist,
with a Bachelor’s Degree in Art and a Washington state certificated teacher, with extensive graduate work in Early Childhood Education.
I have experience teaching multiple subjects to young children
as well as art. Those who know me, know that I always have
my hand in something creative . . . I’ve just finally arrived at a way to “channel it” and combine two things I enjoy
immensely – children and art! I strive to show children the joy
in the creative process as much as the destination, to value their own creative ability and imaginations and to learn to “see” the
art in everything.  I love to tell them, “There are no mistakes in art . . . your masterpiece is yours and yours alone. You are the designer”.